Certifications and awards

In addition to technological development, the company’s laboratories also carry out conformity and durability testing on mattresses to ensure customers receive a product free of defects and able to stand the test of time, maintaining its original comfort and ergonomic qualities.

The certificates of conformity and quality include:
the Oeko Tex Standard 100, which guarantees that the products do not contain or release substances harmful to human health, 1IM fireproofing certification issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs for the Perdormire Hotel line, specifically catered to the hotel sector, Catas which, based on Italian, European and international technical standards, draws up test reports on the safety, resistance, reaction to fire and quality of all products. The company has also certified a number of products in Class 1 “MEDICAL DEVICE” in compliance with Directive 93/42/EC and Ministerial Decree 332 of 27 August 1999, which, as such, fall under the category of anti-decubitus aids and bear the CE marking, making them eligible for deduction as a healthcare expense.

In 2015 and 2018, the company was also awarded recognition as the “Company to Watch” in the Databank analysis of the mattress sector, wherein it is identified as the company which, compared to its competitors and reference market, stands out for both its economic-financial performance and way of doing business. In 2022/23 on the other hand, Corriere della Sera named Montalese S.p.A. a stand-out Italian company for its high level of customer satisfaction, determined through a survey administered by Statista, awarding it the prize for “Italy’s Best Customer Service”.

Medical Device
Italy's Best Customer Service
12 Years Warranty

A pledge by Montalese S.p.A., owner of the brand, in an official statement, to publicly recount what has been done, but most importantly what will be done in the future, for the environment, people and the company’s management, that is, its ESG sustainability goals.

Today more than ever, the company feels compelled to clarify its commitment to achieving its ESG sustainability goals, entrusting its intentions, actions and results achieved thus far in terms of the environment, community and business management (Environmental, Social and Governance) to an institutional document: a Manifesto.

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