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More than fifty years of corporate evolution and the skilful fusion of artisan know-how and cutting-edge technologies have generated a new concept of mattress, perfectly in line with the aspects of wellness encoded by San Lorenzo: ergonomics, but also temperature and hygiene.

Memory Visco Elastic HD

The visco-elastic memory HD is a self-modeling material with high density elastic memory (about 95 Kg/m3), much more than the normal visco-elastic (about 50 Kg/m3). The molecules of the material are in close contact, as if amalgamated with each other and this guarantees greater adherence of the body to the mattress, further decreasing the wrong pressure points. High density is finally a valid remedy against various pathologies (lumbago, neck pain) due to incorrect rest during the night.

Memory Visco Elastic MD

Memory Foam is a medium density (approx. 50 Kg/m3), self-contouring material emulsified in water without using CFCs and has an elastic memory. It is actually a viscoelastic foam with excellent ergonomic qualities, which gradually adapts to the shape of the body without any counter-pressure. It supports the spine correctly, is
antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

Bio Memory

Innovative material that knows how to adapt to the weight, pressure and temperature of the body, enriched with natural products such as soy and essential oils expressly designed to aid sleep, help breathing, reduce the degree of stress and bring benefits to mood and to the body. This material was created without the use of blowing agents harmful to the environment.

Memory Gel

The Memory Gel is a totally non-toxic polyurethane material which does not harden, does not age and maintains its elastic properties for a long time. Its fundamental quality, which makes it superior to any product on the market today, is its high ability to distribute body pressure: subjected to the stress of a body, it tends to mold and take its shape. A determining factor for obtaining optimal rest is the control of body temperature. The memory gel is ideal for sleeping at night due to its low thermal conductivity. It takes about 3 hours to undergo a significant increase in temperature, after which it stabilizes at a constant temperature, a few degrees lower than that of the body. Blood circulation and tissue oxygenation are thus promoted, as well as giving a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Air Memory Visco Elastic

An extraordinary material that knows how to adapt to the weight, pressure and temperature of the body, to which a series of through holes have been added which considerably increase the circulation of air, considerably decreasing the level of humidity for perfect transpiration of the mattress and comfort absolute.

Wind Foam AIIR®

Breathable, elastic and highly comfortable: these are the characteristics of the innovative WIND FOAM AIIR® sheet.
The processing of the slab with a special honeycomb system guarantees the product extraordinary breathability, while eliminating any form of humidity that the body can release during rest.
A unique product of its kind, capable of giving maximum comfort, increasing breathability, reducing humidity and therefore offering unique benefits.


Waterfoam is a water-foamed polyurethane foam without the addition of harmful substances (such as CFC), which favors the distribution of body weight allowing relaxation of muscle mass. Available in many variants of different densities and bearing capacity for a tailor-made rest.

Extra Soft Foam

This particular material offers technical performances superior to normal padding: in fact, it gives an extra soft effect and is ten times softer than normal padding. It enriches the mattress giving a special enveloping effect during rest. Recommended for all those people who like to experience the sensation of a soft product that adapts perfectly to the shape of their body while maintaining the natural rigidity of the mattress.

100% Latex

Latex is a substance extracted from the Hevea Brasiliensis plant through the incision on the bark and the collection of the milk that flows from it. Latex foam comes from the vulcanization of latex milk. This material is able, according to numerous researches, to remedy many allergy problems that are now increasingly common. Latex, thanks to its elasticity, has the ability to adapt point by point to every position of the body so that it is supported with obvious advantages from an orthopedic point of view.
The special micro-perforation process combines the advantages of the Dunlopp process (durability) with those of the Talalay process (air ventilation), with the following results:
• Excellent ergonomic body support.
• Reduction of high pressure points that disturb blood flow.
• High strength and uniformity.
• Superior self-ventilation and humidity regulation, thanks to the open cell structure and thousands of perforations.

Pocket Springs

The mattresses have numerous springs, each of them contained in a pocket. The springs all move independently of each other, adjusting perfectly to every part of the body.
It has 7 different support zones, depending on the hardness of the various steel diameters. The double bed model is available with options of more than 3000, 1500 and 900 springs.

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