San Lorenzo Home

Montalese Spa, the owner of the San Lorenzo Home brand, is a story of all-Italian entrepreneurship: a family-run manufacturing business that evolved until becoming the structured and managerial company it is today.

Founded in Pistoia by Michele Caso in 1971, in the ‘90s the company began a process of continuous growth, affirming its place in the international market. A priceless legacy of craftsmanship, technical and technological expertise passed down from one generation to the next, continually enriched with new and original content until reaching the levels of excellence enjoyed by production today.


Materassificio Montalese

Materassificio Montalese is born



The Perdormire brand is born


San Lorenzo

The San Lorenzo brand is born


Perdormire Hotel

Perdormire Hotel is born: a complete bed system designed for the hotel market


San Lorenzo Home

The San Lorenzo Brand Welcomes The Word “Home”


San Lorenzo Home

The San Lorenzo Home Brand is launched on the european market

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