The Philosophy

A 100% Italian-made supply chain, investments in research and development, Italian design: and the customer at the centre. These are the ingredients of the bedding revolution started by the San Lorenzo brand.

Since mid-2021, the company has been managing the entire production process of the mattress and bed, from fabric cutting to assembly and packaging until quality control. The production line is organized to produce the countless product variations available.

The aim was to redesign and simplify the process of buying beds and mattresses. How? “By offering a bed system specifically composed and tailored to suit the needs of every customer, able to satisfy functional and comfort-oriented needs with ergonomic, thermal, and hygienic qualities, but which is also beautiful and stylish. Which speaks the language of Italian design, and which features high-tech qualities and technology.” A customer experience with no boundaries on price, style or comfort and with the aim of generating relations, not transactions.

Today, San Lorenzo Home is present in over 200 worldwide stores.

In a fast-growing company, everyone needs to be on board, and this is precisely why transparency and alignment are woven into the very structure of the company. Our shared Vision is to be the first to change the process of buying a bed system in Italy, to become the Brand customers love, because we have always believed this to be an added value for the end consumer. Our values: “We strongly believe in transparency of communication, both internal and external, in the clarity of our offering, in the ability to communicate the real benefits for the customer. We believe in the value of relations between people, who are the primary driver of a company’s growth. And lastly, we believe in the relationship with our customers, the foundation on which the values of the brand are built, because business comes and goes, but relationships last forever.”

San Lorenzo Home is the bearer of the famous HERITAGE characterising the Tuscan manufacturing district. The “know-how” of Italy’s most famous textiles manufacturing district – that of Prato – has been handed down for generations, becoming synonymous with a continuous dialogue between culture, creativity, and technology.
ELEGANCE as a synonym for continuous and exclusive stylistic research. This is why San Lorenzo Home designers prefer to seek out styles that generate a balance with the surrounding furnishings. Whatever the latest trends, San Lorenzo Home embodies the concept of a timeless look and is unquestionably a cornerstone of the measured luxury we strive for, which requires a customised approach tailored to our customers’ needs.

The experience of our craftsmen, a manufacturing legacy handed down for over fifty years, originates in a small artisan workshop. Lovers of simple, yet elegant and refined HAND-MADE workmanship, are sure to be amazed.
The Research and Development department is committed to continuously studying and developing new methods and materials with the aim of transferring the best technological developments into its mattresses to provide a guarantee of exclusive wellness. In addition to TECHNOLOGY, a specialised department also deals with conformity and durability tests, carried out on all San Lorenzo Home bed systems to ensure a finished product free of defects and able to stand the test of time, maintaining its high-level comfort and ergonomics.

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