Our ecological innovations: the Alfieri and Bolgheri mattresses

Montalese Spa has been pursuing for years the goal of making its supply chain more and more sustainable, to offer increasingly environmentally friendly products on the market.
This year, the company introduced 2 important product innovations, the Alfieri and Bolgheri mattresses; the common denominator? The naturalness of each element.

Alfieri Mattress

The Alfieri mattress designed to meet the growing demand of green customers and fans of natural products. The mattress is double removable, measures 27 cm in height, and has 900 steel pocket springs spread over 7 support zones. It is covered with hemp for its insulating thermal properties.
Two layers of Bio Waterfoam strengthen support, while Climalatex offers elasticity and responsiveness.

The mattress is wrapped in a horse hair cover, a natural fiber that promotes thermal regulation and is anti-transpiration. It has two sides of padding, one for winter with camel wool, and the other for summer with linen fiber.

The Alfieri mattress offers four different comforts, with firm support and a pleasant welcome thanks to its natural materials. It ensures sleeping independence, has a 12-year warranty, is available in various sizes, including custom, and is presented as offering excellent value for money in the current market, inviting users to enjoy exceptional moments of rest and pleasure.

Bolgheri Mattress

The Bolgheri mattress is a sleeping option that stands out for its use of natural materials. It offers support consisting of three distinct layers, two of which are made of bio Waterfoam, a substance made from water and renewable raw materials.

These plates are characterized by their diversity of firmness and are enriched with essential oils, thus providing the mattress with soothing virtues.

The top layer consists of bio memory foam, which intelligently adapts to weight, pressure, and body temperature, providing pressure point relief. In addition, the emulsion with essential oils adds a soothing dimension to the whole. The home layer provides extra comfort thanks to a napping of hypoallergenic fibers and extra soft foam padding.

The set is wrapped in a linen fiber fabric coating, and the mattress is fully removable for easy maintenance, ensuring a most pleasant sleeping experience.


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