Latex pillows

Latex is an extremely elastic material, which is found in nature. Thanks to the material’s natural properties, the latex pillow offers anatomical comfort, its large interconnected cells ensuring constant air circulation for maximum breathability. The pillow is first fitted with an 100% cotton pillow protector and then an outer pillow protector in Ergofresh® fabric which, thanks to its viscose fibre fabrication and treatment with active probiotics, is resistant to bacteria and dust mites.


The variations of Latex pillows

Pillow Lattice

Approx. 72x42 h 13 cmApprox. h 12 cm BOX OF 6 PIECES

High Lattice

Approx. 72x42 h 15 cm BOX OF 6 PIECES

Shape Lattice

Approx. 72x42 h 9/11 cm BOX OF 6 PIECES

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