Lux pillows

An innovative product based on a combination of
technology and nature. Produced with a particularly
viscoelastic foam that adapts perfectly to the head and
neck without creating counter-pressure, combined
with a delightful silk-based material, which provides a
pleasant soft feel and naturally promotes skin elasticity
and hydration. The high 70% duvet content makes
this pillow soft and smooth, providing the ultimate
in lightness. The pillow case is made from a fabric
composed of three 100% natural fabrics: Wood pulp,
canvas and flax.

Memory, Soya
100% Natural Fibres

The variations of Lux pillows

Lux Bio Soia

Approx. 72x42 h 13 cmApprox. 60x40 h 13 cmApprox. 60x60 h 13 cmApprox. 60x65 h 13 cm BOX OF 6 PIECES

Lux Piuma

Approx. 50x80 h 13 cmApprox. 60x40 h 13 cm BOX OF 6 PIECES

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