Memo Fresh pillows

The MemoFresh pillow is made of 100% Memory Foam flakes with a top layer of fresh materials that gives an incomparable cool feel, ergonomic and breathable. This ensures an ergonomic effect over time. Guaranteed nondeformability after numerous uses. The Papillon pillow is innovatively designed in the shape of a butterfly, providing unsurpassed comfort for the shoulder, which can rest in the indentation when lying on one’s side, and a useful hollow for the arms, allowing everyone to rest in their preferred position.

Memory, Memo Fresh

The variations of Memo Fresh pillows

Twin Fresh

Approx. 72x42 h 12 cmApprox. 60x40 h 12 cm BOX OF 6 PIECES


Approx. 72x42 h 12 cm BOX OF 6 PIECES

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