Comfort pillows

Pillows specially created to relieve and relieve pain
in the legs and back. The Back Comfort pillow with its
special wedge shape keeps the back in the correct
position and offers a solution to problems such as
gastric and respiratory reflux. The Feet Comfort pillow is
orthopedic with extra support to keep the legs elevated
and properly aligned, relieving pressure on the spine,
tailbone and hips. It is foldable with 3 different heights,
8, 10 and 12 cm. Both are covered with a practical
removable and washable cover.

Waterfoam cfc free

The variations of Comfort pillows

Back Comfort

Approx. 77x34 h 44 cm

Feet Comfort

Approx. 72x65 h 8/10/12 cm

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