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A San Lorenzo Home bed is born thanks to the savoir faire of skilled artisan hands who work meticulously to create an authentic and unique product. A San Lorenzo Home product is a hymn to aesthetic research, dexterity and craftsmanship. The latter are expressions that encompass the value of time and experience. From generation to generation.


The mattresses designed and manufactured by San Lorenzo Home collection represent excellence for well-being of the rest. Research and Development department has always paid particular attention to the study of new methods and new materials to offer a wide range of mattresses with different characteristics, technology and materials used.


An essential complement for a healthy rest, indispensable for correct sleep hygiene, the pillow only fulfills its role if it is made with the best materials. San Lorenzo Home collection of pillows offers five categories: latex, memory, extra soft, memory gel and bio soy.


The accessories collection is designed to complete the uniqueness of the San Lorenzo Home rest experience.

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